Call for Papers

Call for Papers Opens1st October 2021
Paper and Poster Abstract Submission Opens1st December 2021
Abstract Submission Closes15th March 2022
Notification of Acceptance by

15th May 2022


As several colleagues asked us for an extended deadline for abstract submission, we decided to make this a general extension until 15th March 2022.

Submission Guidelines

We welcome contributions relating to research in all areas and on all target languages of second language teacher education and are particularly interested in contributions relating to the thematic strands outlined on the SLTED website. Abstracts will be subject to anonymous peer review and selection will be based on the quality and relevance of the research presented. Submission need to include a title, an abstract (maximum of 300 words text) and up to three key words. The link to the abstract subsmission form goes live on this page on 1st December 2021 and will close on 15th March 2022.

You are invited to give your contribution in one of the following two formats:  


‘Traditional’ oral presentation of research in SLTED, preferably with clear links to the practice of teacher education, supported by Powerpoint or other visual media. Duration: 15-minute talk plus 10-minute discussion.


Poster, or other visual presentation, summarising research in SLTED or an example of good SLTED practice. At a dedicated poster session during the conference, participants will be invited to ask questions or discuss your work with you. Posters will also be displayed in communal areas throughout the conference and listed in the book of abstracts. There will be a prize for the best poster/visual presentation.

Your poster should be in A1 format, and here is a list of guidelines we recommend you to follow for the design of your poster:

  • The text should be clear and to the point, and the word count should not exceed 800 words.
  • A font size of at least 48 pt. for headings and at least 24 pt. for the body text, as well as the effective use of bullet points/numbering and visuals will improve readability.
  • Posters can for instance be created in power point, and templates can easily be found online through Google search.


Please note that symposia participation is by invitation only on the part of the symposia organisers and not subject to the general call for papers.

Submission is now closed.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Tanja Angelovska
  • Tatjana Bacovsky
  • Silvia Bauer-Marschallinger
  • Linda Bäumler
  • Christiane Dalton-Puffer
  • Werner Delanoy
  • Benjamin Fliri
  • Erwin Gierlinger
  • Julia Hargaßner
  • Helen Heaney
  • Elisabeth Heiszenberger
  • Julia Hüttner
  • Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher
  • Julia Pittenauer
  • Elisabeth Pölzleitner
  • Matthias Prikoszovits
  • Elissa Pustka
  • Angelika Rieder-Bünemann
  • Michaela Rückl
  • Karen Schramm
  • Alexandra Schurz
  • Manuela Wipperfürth

Submission Software

The Conference and Event Management service unit processes the submission data by means of a software by the company UNGERBOECK SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GMBH, Kaiserstraße 72, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany (processing agreement according to article 28 of the GDPR).